The Denver Nuggets and the Golden State Worrier
/ Nuggets

By Mike Olson

I hate this friggin’ song...

I hate it for two reasons. First, it’s one of the rare things that is popular amongst fellow Monty Python faithful that never struck me as funny. Second, it perfectly describes my favorite grandfather’s modus operdandi. Come to think of it, the second reason could be a huge component of the first reason. Stupid song.

I remember sitting across the table from my grandpa one day after I’d finished mowing his lawn. His brow was its usually-knitted self. I asked him what was bothering him.

“Things have been uncharacteristically good of late, Michael,” he said.

I asked, “Is that a bad thing, grandpa?”

“It’s just been a while since anything went haywire around here,” he said

I pondered for a moment. It finally hit me. I said, “So, you’re worried because there hasn’t been anything to worry about of late.”

“Exactly,” said he, perfectly fine in his dichotomy.

I loved my grandpa with all my heart, but the old worrywart sonuvabee has passed one of his habits along, in that I worry far too often about far too many things. One of the things I’ve grown increasingly fretful about of late is your Denver Nuggets....

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