The DeAngelo Hall-Josh Norman back and forth is the most interesting part of this Redskins season
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By redskins writer

In a Redskins season bizarrely short on compelling story lines, the heavens have given us DeAngelo Hall and Josh Norman, whose media back and forth has now lasted the better part of a week, and has managed to be genuinely interesting without descending into nastiness.

“I’m feeling some kind of way right now,” an amused Hall said Thursday on 106.7 The Fan’s Chad Dukes program, responding to Norman, who had previously responded to Hall, and it will be hard for Sunday to match this.

“I don’t feel like anything I’ve said thus far has been anything that I wouldn’t have said if I was sitting still in that locker room, doing an open locker room interview right there beside him,” Hall said of Norman. “I would say the exact same thing, and I would say it the exact same way, and anyone who knows me knows that I’m 100 percent correct in saying that.”

So what did he actually say? Hang on. Let’s first recap, for those too distracted by D.C. United’s playoff push:

1) Norman spent (some small part) of his offseason on “Dancing With the Stars,” and (some small part) of his bye week in California working on a TV pilot, which, for better or worse, do seem to be celebrity-esque...

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