The case for keeping Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders
/ Broncos

By Sayre Bedinger

If the Denver Broncos want Kirk Cousins, does it make much sense to let go of one of their stud receivers Emmanuel Sanders or Demaryius Thomas?

It’s rumor season in the NFL, which means just about every player’s name is going to be talked about in trade ideas or salary dump ideas. Even teams’ star players, like Denver Broncos receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas, have been brought up in trade and cut rumors.

As a matter of fact, many in Broncos Country have already resigned to the idea that one — or both — could be gone this offseason.

But why?

Well, the answer is simple — money.

But if the Broncos need to clear cap space, there are probably better ways to do it than by getting rid of two of your biggest recruiting chips for Kirk Cousins.

If the Broncos want to sign Cousins, doesn’t it seem counter-productive to rid of one of Sanders or Thomas, especially both?

The GMFB crew discussed it, and Kyle Brandt pretty well convinced me that if Cousins is the ultimate destination, trading or releasing one of your two star receivers doesn’t make much sense at...

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