The big Sammy Watkins review: Holy smokes!
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By MNchiefsfan

When I heard that the Chiefs were interested in Sammy Watkins, I was somewhat interested. I hadn’t reviewed his film in any meaningfully way, so everything I knew about him was limited to brief highlights and what showed up in the box score. I knew him to be immensely talented, but had struggled with injuries in the past and didn’t really light it up in L.A. last season.

Joel: Why I love the Sammy Watkins signing

When news broke that the Chiefs signed him to a three-year, $48 million deal, I was surprised that the Chiefs were going THAT all in on a receiver. But I didn’t know enough about Watkins as a player to make a real judgment. So it became time to turn on the film.

And what I found was a guy who gets open. A lot.

If you’ve read a wide receiver film review by me before, go ahead and skip to the numbers. If not, here’s a quick breakdown: I review every single route the receiver runs, charting wins, losses, neutral plays, drops, and saves. For a definition of these terms, click here (the Albert Wilson film review, which also provides some context for the numbers). The goal is to separate what Watkins did from the rest of the offense in order to gauge him and him alone (since stats, even on targets, are wildly affected by the scheme and...

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