The Best Redskins-Kirk Cousins Conspiracy Theories
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By redskins writer

In the wildest development of the Redskins offseason yet, the team, as reported by Adam Schefter, is considering placing the franchise tag on quarterback Kirk Cousins, the first step before an eventual trade to recoup some of what they lost in acquiring Alex Smith from Kansas City.

Someone — without mentioning any names — was laughed at around these parts for floating precisely that theory last week.

Trading Cousins, at one-year and $34.5 million, won’t be easy, and even attempting it could spark a risky game of chicken between the Redskins and Cousins, as it would depend on Cousins actually signing the tag.

Even still, to pull off a trade and recoup anything — the Redskins swapped a third-round pick and Kendall Fuller for Smith — they gave to Kansas City would be an act of shrewd business savvy by Washington. If it works.

But, it’s not the Redskins’ only play. They have until March 6 to decide whether to tag Cousins for a third straight year, and until March 14 before that $34.5 million would hit the books against their 2018 salary cap. Surely, tying up roughly $51.5 million between two quarterbacks would be...

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