The arguments for and against trading for QB Nick Foles
/ Cardinals

By Jess Root

Since the Arizona Cardinals are in need of a new quarterback this year, every single decent player at the position who might be available seems appealing. Alex Smith was a favorite, but he will be traded to the Washington Redskins. Kirk Cousins is a popular target, though he will cost a ton of money.

The latest candidate is Nick Foles, the Super Bowl MVP who is the Philadelphia Eagles’ backup quarterback.

Fans and analysts alike are now discussing whether the Cardinals should make a trade.

One can make a compelling argument either way.

First of all, he has shown he has a very high ceiling. He is the reigning Super Bowl MVP. He played his best in the biggest games against the best competition. Plus, it isn’t just those two games. He had a historic season in 2014, when he led the NFL with a 119.2 passer rating and threw 27 touchdown passes and only two interceptions. So there is an entire season and a playoff run.

While he was not good as a starter with the Rams, he is still 22-17 overall and 17-10 with the Eagles. He is 3-1 in the postseason. and he has not had a bad game in the playoffs. In his one loss in 2014, he threw two touchdown passes, completed nearly 70 percent of his passes and was not...

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