Texans PM Rundown Thursday 9/2/2021
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2021 Houston Texans Practice Squad

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What Could Have Been Deshaun Watson vs Trevor Lawrence

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Texans working on chemistry, holding a barbecue instead of practice

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Why are the Texans carrying five running backs in today's pass happy NFL?

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David Culley says Texans 'have not indicated' who will be the starting quarterback 'as of right now'

Houston Texans coach David Culley says the team has not yet decided who will be the starting quarterback, but will next week. - Read More

Texans RB Scottie Phillips says his fiancée found out he made the team before he did

RB Scottie Phillips says that his fiancée was the first to find out that he made the Houston Texans’ 53-man roster. - Read More

Texans WR Brandin Cooks likes the open week between the preseason and regular season

Houston Texans receiver Brandin Cooks says that he likes the way the NFL has created an open week ahead of the first regular season game. - Read More

Ex-NFL player McCants, 53, found dead in Florida

Former NFL player Keith McCants was found dead Thursday at his home in Florida after a suspected drug overdose, investigators said. He was 53. - Read More