Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Can the Bucs learn from the swept Lightning?
/ Buccaneers

By Robert Leeds

One of the best hockey teams in the history of the sport was swept in the first round of the playoffs. Can the Tampa Bay Buccaneers learn from this?

The Tampa Bay Lightning had one of the best years in NHL history, tying the league record of 62 wins in a regular season. They had MVP hopeful Nikita Kucherov and one of the deepest teams in the league, but that did not stop the Columbus Blue Jackets from coming in and sweeping them in the first round. The Lightning had a lead in game 1, but never played with the fire or urgency that was expected of a team as good as they were and Columbus exploited that. What can the Tampa Bay Buccaneers learn from this?

Expectations have no place in sports. No matter how good or how bad a team is, the main determinant of who wins and who loses is who wants to win the most. There has never been a forgone conclusion in sports, and the game is played because that is the only determinant of a winner, not players’ individual stats or the record of the...

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