Suns Noon Rundown Friday 7/16/2021
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COTS2: Inside the Suns - Topics: Chris Paul’s recent struggles, Deandre Ayton’s offense, will the Finals go the full seven games?

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Suns merch through Bright Side!

All of these designs are special memories of the 2021 season, playoffs and Olympics...and they give Bright Side some referral credits too! - Read More

Welcome to Footprint Center, home of your Phoenix Suns!

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The 10 Best Easter Eggs in 'Space Jam: A New Legacy'

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2021 NBA Draft Buzz: Sources Say Scottie Barnes Could Go Top 5

Love for  Scottie Barnes  has snowballed to the point scouts and executives expect he's going in the top five of the  NBA  draft.   Sources tell Bleacher Report the Orlando Magic are a good possibility for Barnes at No... - Read More

Ranking the Best NBA Finals MVPs Since 2000

Winning a single championship instantly puts  NBA  players in an exclusive club. However, the 2021 postseason will crown only the 32nd NBA Finals MVP in league history.   During the last two decades, that number hasn't exactly been soaring... - Read More