Sunday is the first afternoon game at home for the Cowboys this season... prepare for the sun
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By RJ Ochoa

This Sunday will mark the first home game of the season for the Dallas Cowboys that has an afternoon kickoff. This means a few things.

First of all, it means that we get to enjoy the noon games with the redzone channel. There’s nothing like soaking up all the touchdowns and yardage for your fantasy team without having to concentrate on willing the Cowboys to victory, am I right?

An afternoon kick also means that the game is kicking off in the afternoon (shocker). We’re nearing fall weather and fall solstice (I just made that up, go with it) which means that the sun sets during the afternoon in the United States. That’s right, baby. The sun is coming.

The sun at AT&T Stadium is almost as big of an enemy as whoever the Cowboys happen to be playing that day. It brings with it an incredible glare that, depending on which way you’re traveling, can be a bit of a bother.

Jerry Jones is on record noting that the team doesn’t have any plans to have curtains or anything of the like to address this problem. It’s simply something that the team and whoever their opponent is for the day will have to live with....

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