Suh on Rams' run D: 'Terrible, without question'
/ Rams

By Lindsey ThiryESPN

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Ndamukong Suh did not mince words Thursday when he described the Los Angeles Rams' run defense the past two weeks.

"Terrible, without question," Suh said, adding later, "That's my personal opinion... It's terrible just from a standpoint of how much run yardage we gave up."

The Rams are 5-0, but allowed the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings to score 31 points.

The Seahawks rushed for 190 yards and a touchdown last Sunday, as running back Chris Carson rushed for 116 yards in 19 carries and Mike Davis rushed for 68 yards and a touchdown in 12 carries.

In Week 4 the Minnesota Vikings rushed for 54 yards, including 28 by Kirk Cousins.

"I can't think back to many times to defenses that I've been a part of that have been [at] 191 yards, let alone many times over 100...I've been a part of some great defenses where we've, in a year, not allowed but maybe one team to get close to 100 or over 100," Suh said. "So that's what I pride myself on and want to maintain that and we have all the tools to be able to be that type of...

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