Stunner: Cleveland Browns are releasing Josh Gordon
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By Chris Pokorny

Wow. Josh Gordon’s time in Cleveland is over.

Saturday night, Browns GM John Dorsey made the stunning announcement that the organization will released Gordon on Monday:

Browns to release WR Josh Gordon

Statement from GM John Dorsey:

We all know about the chance after chance that this organization has given Gordon. He returned last week and caught the game-tying touchdown pass at the end of regulation, his only catch of the game. Saturday morning, he was mysteriously ruled “out” for this week’s game against the Saints due to a “hamstring” injury. Was that even true? Who knows, now — I’m sure we’ll know more soon.

If Gordon isn’t in trouble, one would assume that a few teams will call Cleveland to offer conditional draft compensation for him.

I don’t know what to think. One second, I’m thinking about a whole glorious season of Jarvis Landry and Gordon, and the’s just, over. So much talent, and I thought finally, after years of waiting, it was going to pay off. What an empty feeling to have.

Is Dez Bryant still answering his phone?

UPDATE: Although vague, here is what Ian Rapoport and Jay Glazer are saying on the...

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