Stiffs 2018 NBA Mock Draft version 1.1
/ Nuggets

By Ryan Blackburn

Sadly, Denver Nuggets fans, it’s that time again.

Last Friday, Daniel Lewis dropped another big board for the site, and it was glorious. Make sure to check it out, as he has some opinions that are strikingly similar to mine and others that are strikingly different.

Given that the 2018 NBA Draft is still over two months away, we don’t want to overwhelm Nuggets fans with draft coverage right now, especially after such a tough finish for the team. It’s important to not only recover from the trials of last season, but also to reflect on what went right, what went wrong, and try to fully understand where to go from here.

However, the draft is the first big step in that process, and the Nuggets cannot afford to mess that up. After an unsuccessful 2013 draft, a successful 2014 draft, an unsuccessful 2015 draft, a successful 2016 draft, and what appears to be an unsuccessful 2017 draft (though that will be mitigated if Trey Lyles takes a step forward or Tyler Lydon shows some promise next season), the Nuggets must continue the alternating trend and make the 2018 draft excellent. There are a variety of ways for the Nuggets to accomplish this, but having two unsuccessful draft years in a row would be a killer for the ceiling of this team, and the needs are too many for the Nuggets to rest on their...

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