Stephen Gostkowski takes 'eye-opening' visit to troops in South Korea
/ Patriots

By Mike ReissESPN Staff Writer

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Picture Stephen Gostkowski in a large, protective full-body suit as a Security Forces K-9 dog waits anxiously for the command to attack him.

The New England Patriots kicker has become familiar with the pressure that comes with attempting game-winning field goals as defenders rush in his direction, but this was something altogether different. He described it -- part of the NFL-USO Tour in South Korea that he took part in from April 1-7 -- as an "epic experience."

"We found a giant Sumo suit that protects you from getting hurt, so they have you put it on, they['d] give him a command, we'd stick our arm out and they would bite our arm and wouldn't let go until they gave another command," Gostkowski explained. "They might have looked like the nicest dogs to their handlers, but to anyone else, it looks like they're trying to kill you."

And when Gostkowski was instructed to run away?

"The dog would run us down, jump at us, and bite us. His whole body took my legs out; it was like an open-field tackle," he said. "I felt like it was maybe me. But then the same dog took out [Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker] Myles Jack, so I felt a lot better after...

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