Steelers’ Training Camp Recap: Antonio Brown returns as a full participant in practice
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By Jeff.Hartman

Saturday marked the Pittsburgh Steelers’ triumphant return to training camp at Saint Vincent College, and Antonio Brown was a full participant in practice. Not just doing work on a side field, but a full participant.

It was good to see Tony Toe Tap back doing damage on the field.

Artie Burns vs. Antonio Brown in the Red Zone. #Steelers #dkps

While Brown will most likely be given another preseason game off Thursday, there is a distinct difference between the offense with Brown, compared to without. Despite what he does to the offense, fans should rest easy knowing the injury which required him to leave camp for further evaluation seems to be healing well.

Barring a setback, Brown looks more than ready for another huge season.

Time to check in on other nuggets which happened at Saturday’s training camp session.

There were a lot of Steelers who missed all, or part, of practice. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler runs down who left during practice, and those who missed practice all together. Check out the list:

One of the stranger stories most have ever heard from Steelers training camp at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA is how a fan tried to get onto the field to practice with the team. From the reports, he actually made it down to the field before being caught and escorted off campus. He should have known it wasn’t a padded practice Saturday....

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