Stars Aligned, Part III: Applying The Third Eyeball Test to E’Twaun Moore, Nikola Mirotic and Julius Randle
/ Pelicans

By kevin.barrios

In this piece I’ll breakdown the other key core pieces of the New Orleans PelicansE’Twaun Moore, Nikola Mirotic and Julius Randle. Using the Jovian Archive and comparing those findings to NBA stats, analytics and eyeball tests, I hope to get a clearer picture of how effective this roster construction should be.

Note: Before diving into this piece please take time to read the introduction to the concepts utilized below in part 1. Also, if you missed Part 2 where I broke down Anthony Davis, Jrue Holiday and Elfrid Paytonclick here.

Note: Due to not having actual times of birth I used 8am, which is the most common birth time for humans. This could provide some variance to their actual charts, but they shouldn’t drift too far off course.

Projector: Projectors have a very open energy configuration. They take in energy from everywhere and project it out to help the tribe or unit, or in our case, the team. They are basically the role players in the universe, fitting in with those they are surrounded by and playing off of their talents to create an impact that benefits everyone. Projectors do not force themselves into a dominant role, but they wait for invitations to utilize their talents. When a projector has the patience to allow others to create a harmonious energy flow while waiting for their invitation to participate, a harmonious relationship is formed and the projector becomes an underlying key to empowerment. This is basically a renaissance sculpture of E’Twaun Moore — the 12.4 ppg scorer for the Pelicans, with a 16.1% usage rate and who thrives off of catch-and-shoot three-pointers....{"ci"%3A0%2C"os"%3A450.86570700004813}

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