Spurs miss Dejounte Murray in their 130-127 loss to the Hawks
/ Spurs

By Jesus Gomez

The only reason to intently watch Wednesday’s preseason game between the Hawks and the Spurs was to see how Derrick White looked as a starter in the first game since Dejounte Murray went down. Unfortunately, it was the Hawks’ point guard who stole the show.

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With the game tied at 127 and four seconds to go, Trae Young pulled up from 30 feet to give the Hawks the win in a tightly-contested, high-scoring, surprisingly sloppy game.

Preseason is largely meaningless, so there’s no reason to panic about this loss. Still, it’s hard to be confident in the Spurs’ ability to thrive without Murray after this one. Their defense was a disaster in general, but especially at the point of attack for most of the night. White had solid stretches in which he stayed in front of Young, but couldn’t sustain his defensive intensity in the second half. He had a disastrous start to the third quarter in which he lost his man off the ball and couldn’t contain him off the dribble. By the end of the game, Gregg Popovich had Bryn Forbes on Young and White at the wing on the slower Kent Bazemore....

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