Sources: Bulls to let LaVine pay Boylen's fine

By Malika AndrewsESPN

Hours after Chicago Bulls coach Jim Boylen was ejected for arguing with LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers on Friday night, Zach LaVine contacted the Bulls' front office and offered to pay Boylen's fine, league sources told ESPN.

Bulls management has agreed to allow LaVine to pay the fine, which will likely cost him $7,000, sources said, though league rules stipulate that the person who is issued the fine must be the person to pay it, potentially complicating LaVine's offer.

The relationship between Boylen and LaVine had a rocky beginning.

Clippers coach Doc Rivers and Bulls coach Jim Boylen had a heated exchange at midcourt late in the third quarter Friday night, leading to both being ejected.

When Boylen took over as head coach of the Bulls in December, LaVine was publicly skeptical of some of his coaching decisions. Boylen, known for being an old-school disciplinarian who prized defense, challenged LaVine's defensive efforts.

A few weeks in, their relationship continued to be tense. LaVine played a significant role in the December meeting between the front office, coaching staff and players. The meeting was the result of several players discussing boycotting a practice scheduled after the team's 56-point loss to the Boston...

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