Sixers' focus is 'not just all Boston at all'
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By By Noah Levick

Not that a reminder was necessary, but JJ Redick showed again during Friday’s end-of-practice scrimmage how effective he can be when paired with Joel Embiid.

The two shared the court last year for 1,325 minutes and posted a 12.8 net rating. There are not many players who can make Embiid’s man leave his body, but that’s what Redick got Amir Johnson to do on this play. Redick acted as if he was going to set a middle ball screen for Ben Simmons, then flared to the wing, leaving the white team scrambling, and leaving Embiid with an easy dunk. 

JJ Redick with the dish to Joel Embiid in Sixers' scrimmage at end of practice.

As head coach Brett Brown acknowledged Friday, Fultz doesn’t come close right now to providing that kind of off-ball threat, which is one of the reasons Brown plans to start Redick in the second half of games (see story.)

• Dario Saric, who was rested for the Sixers’ final preseason game with lower-back soreness, said he will be “110 percent ready” for the season opener.

• While the Sixers’ focus is understandably on the Celtics, their first opponent, Brown said Friday he’s more concerned with getting his team to play in a way that will bring late-round playoff success than simply being laser-focused on beating Boston. He named the Raptors, Bucks and Wizards as among the teams that pose a threat in the Eastern...

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