Should Rams consider bringing Richard Sherman on board in 2018?
/ Rams

By Dan Parzych

With the rumors surrounding Richard Sherman’s career with the Seattle Seahawks possibly coming to an end, should the Los Angeles Rams consider the cornerback for 2018?

Even if the argument can be made his effective level of play wasn’t the same last season, Richard Sherman has caused all sorts of problems for the Los Angeles Rams over the years since they get to face the cornerback and the Seattle Seahawks twice a year. However, there has been talks for months about the possibility of the Seahawks moving on from their beloved cornerback at some point this offseason, and based off a recent report, these rumors could end up becoming a reality sooner rather than later.

Ian Rapoport reported on Wednesday how the Seattle cornerback has started to say goodbye to some of his teammates, and even though nothing is set in stone at the moment, this seems like a clear sign that Sherman is on the move. Even Jeremy Lane posted a message on Twitter over his “heart hurting” about No. 25, making it seem clear that it’s only a matter of time before the Seahawks announce their plans to move on, whether it ends up coming through a trade or...

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