Should Hawks Listen to Quavo from Migos and Draft Trae Young at #3?
/ Hawks

By Chris Guest

The Atlanta Hawks will have a myriad of draft picks when the 2018 NBA Draft rolls around in roughly a week, including the 3rd overall pick in the draft where the team will hope to find a franchise cornerstone for the next great Hawks team.

Everyone has an opinion on which player the Hawks should select at #3 overall, including Atlanta’s own Quavo from the omnipresent hip-hop trio Migos.

Quavo is a big basketball fan, and was in attendance for multiple Hawks games this year (one of the few people who was).

Not only is he a fan, but Quavo can ball too, as evidenced by his MVP-winning performance in the celebrity All-Star Game, in which he showed his solid handle and silky-smooth free throw form (maybe he could be a solid draft choice…).

Never one to shy away from an interview, Quavo also chimed in with who he thinks the Hawks should take with the 3rd overall pick. Eschewing most draft boards, Huncho claimed that the Hawks should select Trae Young at #3, bringing on board “ATL’s own [Splash] Bro.”

This is not the first buzz regarding the Hawks taking the prolific college point guard (heck, we even wrote a piece about it), but when Quavo speaks the world (or at least Atlanta) listens, so this got a lot of play when he made the...

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