Several Browns players get special powers in Madden '20 game
/ Browns

By Jeff Risdon


Quarterback Baker Mayfield earns two separate boosts. The second-year QB has the Roaming Deadeye and the Last Ditch augmentations.

Roaming Deadeye gives players perfect (99 rating) accuracy on throws outside the pocket where there is no pressure. Last Ditch players get a higher chance of completing a pass and getting rid of the ball while being sacked. Both of these are permanent traits, while some others must be unlocked via in-game accomplishment and can also go away.

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is one of three players who get the RAC ’em Up boost, for producing extra yards after the catch. This is one of those boosts that must be unlocked within the gameplay. He also gets the Juke Box and Grab N Go powers, which augment the speed of juke animations and the ability to change direction and turn the corner without losing any speed.

Running back Nick Chubb has the Arm Bar power-up. He gets a more powerful stiff arm animation. That is a permanent boost for Chubb.

The Browns have a couple of defenders who get special boosts too.

Myles Garrett earns several:
Unstoppable Force (X-Factor)
Edge Threat

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