Seahawks will beat Raiders because Chris Carson is better than Marshawn Lynch
/ Seahawks

By Lee Vowell

The Seahawks play the Raiders in week six. Chris Carson is the new version of Marshawn Lynch. Carson will show why on Sunday.

The Seahawks have a new Beast Mode. That Chris Carson has not had as many memorable runs as former Seahawk Marshawn Lynch is not Carson’s fault. He hasn’t yet had the opportunities Lynch had when he played with Seattle. But give Carson the chance. He will get there.

Lynch is actually having a decent year with Oakland. Even though the Raiders are 1-4, that isn’t Lynch’s fault. Lynch averages 4.3 yards-per-rush and is on pace for a 1,000-yard rushing year. Lynch is also averaging 2.4 targets a game in the Raiders passing attack which would be the second-highest average of Lynch’s stellar career.

But the Seahawks would not give up Chris Carson for Marshawn Lynch. Not now. Lynch is 32 years old. He had some great years in Seattle. But Carson at 24 years old is the present and the future. And Carson runs a lot like a younger version of Beast Mode.

Carson may have fewer rushing yards in 2018 – so far – than does Lynch. But Carson has missed a game. Lynch averages 66 yards rushing a game. Carson averages 73 yards per. But in Carson’s last two games, he averages 109 yards. And Carson gained 116 against a good Rams defense in week...

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