Seahawks vs. Raiders: How to watch Seattle win on Sunday
/ Seahawks

By Lee Vowell

The 2-3 Seahawks play the 1-4 Raiders in London on Sunday. Here is how to watch Seattle win on Sunday.

The Seahawks have no right, barring injury, to lose to Oakland on Sunday. Nearly every strength Seattle has – like their newfound and very good rushing attack – goes against a Raiders weakness. Chris Carson and Mike Davis should be able to pick up crucial yards and enable Seattle to win.

Of course, anything is possible when teams travel across the universe to play a football game. Possibly one team will be more tired than the other by the time the contest begins. Maybe one team has chosen to view more of the fine historical sights in the United Kingdom and has taken their focus off the football game? Who knows?

But when the game begins, it might simply come down to who is better: Carson or former Seahawk Marshawn Lynch? If Carson can show that the Seahawks are set for the future at running back and that Lynch is an ancient relic then Seattle will come back to the States at 3-3 and Oakland will be...

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