Seahawks Noon Rundown Friday 7/2/2021
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Casual Friday: Where in the world is Field Gulls? (2021 edition)

That’s right! After the wild success that was Casual Friday last year, I’m bringing it back for the whole of July up until the first week of training camp. This is where Field Gulls can relax for a... - Read More

CBS Sports ranks Seahawks’ roster as worst in the NFC West

CBS Sports NFL columnist Jordan Dajani released his rankings of all 32 NFL rosters in terms of talent heading into training camp. Predictably last year’s Super Bowl representatives the Tampa Bay... - Read More

Tamorrion Terry indicted in Georgia nightclub shooting from 2018

Former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tamorrion Terry was among 11 people indicted in a Georgia nightclub shooting that took place in 2018. - Read More