Seahawks NFC West rival free agents: Cardinals add a force plus depth
/ Seahawks

By Todd Vandenberg

There have been a lot of big names moving around the NFL in free agency so far. The Seahawks NFC West rival Cardinals have been as active as any team.

While the Seahawks took their time to get into the free agent market, the same can’t be said for their NFC West division rivals. Seattle has signed just five free agents so far, three of them re-signing with the team. We like the moves a lot; in fact, I think the signings are underrated. But there’s no denying that their division rivals are loading up for 2019.

Let’s look at the Arizona Cardinals first. All data is from the wonderful site Jump here to visit their excellent free agent tracker. You can sort by name, position, former team, new team, contract terms….well, you get the idea. Just one further note: Spoctrac lists the details of the contract once the team makes the official announcement. Might not be as fast as a random Twitter account, but it will be correct.

Okay, so back to the Cardinals. So far Arizona has signed nine players, all new to the team. Two, in fact, were Seahawks last year, guard J.R. Sweezy and quarterback Brett Hundley. Sweezy is a tough loss, although I expect Seattle has a more than adequate replacement between Mike Iupati and Jordan Simmons. None of the Cardinals signings is the type that makes you double-check the schedule, but they’ve added some quality...

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