Saints receiver Simmie Cobbs: NFC South cornerbacks officially on notice
/ Saints

By Roy Anderson

You’re forgiven if you’re a devout Who Dat and don’t know who Simmie Cobbs is. He snuck on to the Saints roster in December 2018 and never played. Get to know him!

One of the best things to come out for draftniks leading up to the NFL Draft is the NFL Draft 400. It’s a series of position-centric rankings put out each spring by Matt Miller and Bleacher Report. If you’re into the NFL Draft, it’s like the next Star Wars film in the series coming out for a Star Wars nut. Looking over last year’s wide receiver edition to go back over what the Saints were hoping to get out of Tre’Quan Smith, I saw a name ahead of his in the rankings, Simmie Cobbs.

It took me a minute and then I remembered, oh yeah, we got him too. But you’re forgiven if you have no idea who I’m talking about. Simmie Cobbs played collegiately at Indiana, a program that hasn’t meant much in a very long time. Cobbs wasn’t one of those sprinter speed receivers that everybody pays attention to at the NFL Scouting Combine...

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