Saints Film Room: The defense is clicking and a rookie steps up
/ Saints

By Don Kellum

The offense and Drew Brees had a historical night and stole the show, but the defense looked to finally be on the same page and had a complete game. While it wasn’t perfect, and the Redskins’ offense made their fair share of mistakes, a lot of the problems from earlier in the season seem to be going away. Let’s take a look at two plays that show the progress of the defense.

On the first offensive drive for the Redskins, they face a 3rd and 10. The Saints come out in nickel formation with a cover 2 zone against the Redskins 11 personnel that features tight end Jordan Reed in the slot and running back Chris Thompson in the backfield. Safeties Vonn Bell and Marcus Williams are responsible for the two deep halves of the field, while the linebackers and corners will sit on the 1st down line. This type of defense encourages the quarterback to throw the ball short of the 1st down marker and have the receiver tackled before he can pick up the necessary yards. The safeties do a good job at picking up their coverage responsibilities. Bell will follow the dig route from the number 1 receiver on his side, while Williams will carry the post route from the outside receiver on the other side. This type of communication was an issue earlier in the season and resulted in some big plays from the opposing offense. It’s good to see the little things are getting cleaned up....

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