Saints draft analysis: Harold Landry, DE, Boston College
/ Saints

By Roy Anderson

Harold Landry is rated by many draft big boards to be going well before the Saints pick at number 27. Others have him sliding. Do the Saints take him?

As promised, Who Dat Dish will, this week, be looking at the first round defensive end talent available in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft. We won’t be discussing North Carolina State’s Bradley Chubb as we haven’t seen him falling outside of anybody’s top ten. That still leaves us with quite a list of candidates who are still potential first rounders and may fall to pick 27 for the Saints. The list starts with Boston College’s Harold Landry.

Harold Landry may be a reach. Most draft big boards out there have him rated well before pick 27. But as any draftnik knows, the event can be very fickle once the fist team is on the board. The Saints got the good side of that in 2017 with the slide of Marshon Lattimore to pick 11. And almost again when Reuben Foster almost got to pick 32.

At 6’3″ and 250-pounds, Harold Landry certainly fits the mold of today’s pass rushing defensive ends physically. At least when they’re coming out of college and before they get into an NFL strength and conditioning program. Further evaluation will come after the NFL Scouting Combine but the take on Landry is that he is an NFL-ready pass rusher and will have a lot of upside wherever he...

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