Saints: Cameron Meredith starts buzz with cryptic tweet
/ Saints

By Roy Anderson

Saints WR Cameron Meredith put out a rather cryptic tweet on Tuesday that got the internets abuzzing. Then Ian Rapoport came along and poured gas on it.

Former Bears wide receiver Cameron Meredith was one of the Saints bigger free agent acquisitions this offseason. But he came with a caveat. Meredith sat out all of 2017 with a torn ACL and is still recovering from that to a degree.

On Sunday, Aug. 12, Saints coach Sean Payton seemed to imply that Meredith was coming along just fine. But, on Tuesday, Aug. 14, Cameron Meredith put out a cryptic tweet that would seem to imply he’s not quite there yet.

Now, athletes, celebrities, exes, they all love to put out the occasional cryptic tweet. Sometimes it’s just song lyrics you don’t know. Sometimes they’re trying to get under your skin or do some kind of weird humble brag where they have to go so far around the block you don’t even realize they’re bragging or what they’re bragging about.

Sometimes people just assume you know what they’re talking about and don’t follow up. That may have been the case with Cam Meredith on...

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