Sacramento Kings: 3 Goals For Ben McLemore This Season
/ Kings

By Rafe Wong

Now that he is back with the Sacramento Kings, Ben McLemore is looking to turn around his career. Here are three goals that I think Ben needs to focus on in order to have success this season.

An argument can be made that this offseason has been a headscratcher for the Sacramento Kings. A lot of questionable moves have been made in regards of constructing the team’s roster which includes the Kings trading for Ben McLemore.

Originally, Ben started his career with the purple and white in 2013 but left last summer to join the Memphis Grizzlies. Throughout his career, McLemore has been inconsistent and has not lived up to being the seventh overall selection in his draft class. But hopefully, he is able to turn it around this upcoming season.

To me, he will be successful if he focuses on these three goals.

Shooting has always been a staple in McLemore’s game. Even entering the draft, Ben was compared to the legend Ray Allen due to both players having similar shooting mechanics. But unfortunately, McLemore has not been able to produce the same way as Allen...

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