Russell Wilson, Brian Schottenheimer beginning their crucial partnership
/ Hawks

By Brady HendersonESPN

RENTON, Wash. -- "Perfect pitch! Perfect pitch!" Brian Schottenheimer shouts to Russell Wilson and the other Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks during organized team activities, emphasizing what he wants to see as they practice tosses to running backs.

"We need a great fake!" he reminds the group later as they work on play-action dropbacks.

One minute Schotteheimer is bouncing up and down in excitement after Wilson nails a throw into the end zone, the next he's crouching in a two-point stance over an imaginary A-gap, ready to bear down on Wilson as an oncoming pass-rusher would.

Coach Pete Carroll wasn't kidding when he said Schottenheimer, his new offensive coordinator and de facto quarterbacks coach, would be in every drill with Wilson. It's that hands-on approach that is partly what drew the Seahawks to Schottenheimer, and it's what they think is needed for Wilson to take the next step as he enters his seventh NFL season.

"I told him I was going to coach him hard just because I love it, I love the quarterback position, I love bringing that energy," Schottenheimer said, "and I think we're off to a good...

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