Rookie PJ Hall has sack on his first NFL snap in Raiders preseason opener and he’s not surprised
/ Raiders

By Levi Damien

No one would have faulted PJ Hall for taking a little time to get his footing at the NFL level. The rookie round two pick was playing at Division II Sam Houston State this time last year, so a bit of a transition was expected.

So much for that.

Hall took the field on the third snap with the Lions first team on the field in 3rd and five and immediately sacked the quarterback, taking down Matt Cassell for a nine-yard loss.

It was just how Jon Gruden envisioned when he made Hall the team’s pick at 57 overall. Or put another way, it’s just what was missing from last year’s team.

“The guard just kind of overstepped so I went to power on him inside,” Hall said of the play. “His quarterback stepped up, so I just released and he was right there sitting in my lap.”

This time the pressure around the edges came from Fadol Brown and Bruce Irvin.

The past couple seasons it’s been mostly Khalil Mack and Irvin who have gotten good pressure on the outside, but there was rarely anyone on the inside to take advantage of that. Hall took advantage right out the...

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