Robert Saleh on Solomon Thomas/Richard Sherman defensive position, turnovers, and more
/ 49ers

By David Fucillo

What do you guys have to do to slow down Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers?

“To slow him down, it really comes down to executing our defense to exactly the way it’s taught. Aaron does a great job off-schedule. He creates plays. So, for us, it’s executing as long as the play is going. So, it’s whistle to whistle and making sure that we’re extremely disciplined in our coverages.”

I don’t know if this is the case on that first play of the game against the Cardinals, but do you really have to stress to your guys that when things are going not good and they want to generate turnovers, they want to make big plays, that they still have to just stay to their responsibility and not step outside their gaps?

“100-percent. When people feel like they need to do more than what they’re being asked to do, that’s when bad things actually happen. Right now, that first play, and [DB Adrian Colbert] A.C. will tell you, he’d love to have that play back, but the way they responded after that play and the way they came out and played and executed the defense all the way through, I thought was really good on their part to remain composed and to continue to fight all the way through the game. I thought the defensive guys did a great job responding, for...

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