Rob Gronkowski cameos at Luke Bryan’s Gillette Stadium concert
/ Patriots

By Patrick Morgan

Country music superstar Luke Bryan brought retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski onstage to thunderous applause at his Gillette Stadium concert.

For one fateful evening, retired Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was seemingly un-retired once again, running routes and catching footballs at Gillette Stadium in front of thousands of adoring fans.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Tom Brady throwing Gronk passes, there was no end zone for No. 87 to find, and the day of the week was Friday, not Sunday.

Still, you’ll forgive all the people in attendance at country musician Luke Bryan’s show this past Friday night at Gillette Stadium for imagining that Rob Gronkowski was still playing football for them. After all, Gronkowski leaves behind a nine-year NFL career as one of the greatest players in Patriots history – if not league history overall.

Gronkowski surprised many by announcing his retirement last March from the game he’s so long dominated. Injuries and back problems have dogged the phenom since long before he was ever drafted by the Pats, so it’s hard to blame the charismatic Gronkowski for hanging up his cleats in order to focus on other...

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