Report: OG Anunoby and four others confirmed for Las Vegas Summer League
/ Raptors

By Daniel Reynolds

On Tuesday, we discussed the schedule for the Las Vegas Summer League, with special note made of the Raptors’ opening round games. That’s all fine and good, but we had no idea of the actual roster of the team (outside of spirited guesses). Until now.

Thanks to the intrepid reporting of Blake “the Taco Man” Murphy, we’ve gotten some inkling as to how Toronto will fill out their Summer League roster.

Some of those names are not a surprise: one would figure that Richardson, McKinnie, and Miller would all be looking to improve their games and strut their stuff in front of the NBA world. Thompson’s presence is also not shocking — he was a stalwart performer on the 905 last season, and is likely continuing to look for minutes or attention wherever he can. He’s also not likely to be the last 905-affiliated player on the roster.

But this is all burying the lede: OG Anunoby, a good NBA player already despite having just one year of experience under his (Supreme?) belt, is expected to play in the tournament. You’ll recall that OG actually missed his first opportunity to play in the LVSL, as he was still recovering from ACL surgery. It was a surprise to see OG playing at the start of last season, it was a surprise to see how solid he was already on the court, and it’s something of a surprise to see that he’s ready to go...

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