Report: LaVine proposed to pay Jim Boylen's league fine from Friday

By By Michael Walton

In an event that certainly shows just how much the relationship between Zach LaVine and Bulls head coach Jim Boylen has developed, Malika Andrews of ESPN reported that LaVine reached out to the Bulls front office and proposed that he pay the fines for the ejection he received on Friday night in Los Angeles.

Boylen received the ejection after he got into a verbal spat with Clippers head coach Doc Rivers. Boylen was sticking up for his players, after feeling that the screens being set by uber-physical LA forward Montrezl Harrell were dirty plays. Rivers disagreed wholeheartedly, and reportedly told Boylen to tell his players to call out screens better on defense.

This is an awesome development for an extremely young and inexperienced Bulls roster that is trying to build a positive, long-lasting team culture.

LaVine and Boylen were always going to need to see eye-to-eye for the Bulls rebuild to be successful. The former received a 4-year, $78 million commitment that effectively made him the franchise player and the latter recently got a pay raise that put him in line with standard NBA head coach salaries, indicating he will be around for awhile (despite the rumors that do...

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