Report: Giants scouting QB Justin Herbert, Oregon again
/ Giants

By John Fennelly

The New York Giants are off to a deflating 2018 season, losing five of their first six ballgames. What to do, what to do…Oh, yes, ramp up the scouting efforts for the 2019 NFL Draft.

Not that they haven’t been doing that already, but now the fans will be interested in who they’re focusing on. One player we know is high on their radar is Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert, who faces off against Washington on Saturday.

The Giants’ scouts will be one of many teams watching.

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— Chase Goodbread (@ChaseGoodbread) October 12, 2018

Herbert is expected to go very high in next year’s draft and is considered to be one of the top two quarterbacks in the class along with Missouri’s Drew Lock.

Herbert is 6’6″, 235 and is an ascending player. He is likened to Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz, a player the Giants already know all too well and would like to have version to call their...

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