Redskins: Why the 2016 Rams are a cautionary tale about their quarterback battle
/ Redskins

By Jacob Camenker

A lot has been made of Dwayne Haskins starting right away for the Redskins. But could the 2016 Rams serve as a cautionary tale for the ‘Skins if they throw Haskins into the fire too early?

Since the 2019 NFL Draft, much as been made of Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins. And rightfully so. The 15th overall pick is likely the quarterback of the future for the team and will have a chance to eventually emerge as a franchise quarterback.

However, there is one major question facing the Redskins ahead of the 2019 season. Should they start Haskins right away, let him develop and then start him midway through the season, or let him take his rookie year as somewhat of a redshirt year?

As Paul Troth, a quarterback coach who has worked with players including Haskins, Deshaun Watson, and Carson Wentz, recently said, it may be best for them to hold off on starting him. And the main reason for that? Just look at the 2016 St. Louis Rams.

“(The Rams) had a coach on the hot seat,” Troth said per NBC Sports Washington’s Peter Hailey. “Goff came in late in the season and it was a...

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