Redskins: Riggo’s Rag Podcast – Early 2019 roster predictions
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By Ian Cummings

July is now upon us, but still, answers on the Redskins final roster are far in the distance.

We’re still in the heart of the offseason, and this time of year, time moves slowly. Speculation crescendoes to a peak, and there’s no filter for the information released into the sports world. It’s a time where opinions on teams, such as the Washington Redskins, roam freely, and where making any definitive conclusion at all is unsafe.

All that said, the precarious nature of the offseason didn’t stop us from going around the Riggo’s Rag Roundtable and getting several writers’ thoughts on how the Redskins final 2019 roster might shake out. In fact, the circumstances are perfect for such an endeavor. Between now and September, changes will surely be made, whether by injury or personnel decisions. But even now, so far away from cut day, we can look at the 90-man roster, and theorize how the Redskins might whittle it down.

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As you may have noticed, we had three roster projections go out in rapid succession over the last two weeks. Jacob Camenker was the first to post his roster projection. Then Ken Johannesen presented his, and most recently, I wrote the third roster projection of the early offseason. This was a coordinated effort, and after all the projections were completed, the three of us hopped on the Riggo’s Rag Podcast, to discuss where our projections differed, and to expand on our reasoning. To listen to that conversation, you can click the play button...

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