Redskins PM Rundown Friday 2/26/2021
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Cornelius Lucas deserves more respect

Hidden among the treasure trove of short term free agent signings in 2020 was Cornelius Lucas, a journeyman offensive tackle who had played for the Lions, Rams, Saints, and Bears before signing a... - Read More

Some Random and Rambling Thoughts/Observations As The NFL Offseason Drags On

1.  Shouldn't we be hearing an announcement about 2021 NFL compensatory picks by now?  We usually hear a few days before the end of February, and while I doubt the WFT will be getting any, I'm... - Read More

Does the Washington Football Team need an elite quarterback to win the Super Bowl?

How important is it that an NFL team have an elite quarterback if they want to win a Super Bowl? As the Washington Football Team approaches free agency and... - Read More