Redskins Noon Rundown Mon 7/13/2020
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Daily Slop: Jon Jansen likes ‘Hogs’ for new name; Tons of Redskins nickname options have been trademarked by guy in Virginia

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Monday morning discussion: reports, leaks, rumors and announcements regarding the name change and other developments

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Report: Don Warren hired as Assistant Director of Player Personnel

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Dexter Manley: A Football Life

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Redskins hire Don Warren as Assistant Director of Pro Personnel

There's more news today besides the highly-anticipated culmination of the Redskins name saga. The Washington Redskins, in addition to their branding, are a... - Read More

Redskins officially announce intent to retire nickname after review

Change is coming for the Redskins, and it will be the last change the franchise sees under that name. Over a week ago, the Washington Redskins announced th... - Read More

Does Dan Snyder deserve credit for changing Washington's controversial team name?

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Washington's new name could come 'as early as this week;' to go by Redskins until then

Washington announced they’d retire the ‘Redskins’ name on Monday, but they’ll still use that mascot until a replacement is decided on.  - Read More

Washington officially retires the 'Redskins' team name; new name to be announced

A new name hasn’t been decided on yet, but Washington officially announced that they are doing away with the ‘Redskins’ mascot after so long.  - Read More

The Redskins announced Monday that they are retiring their name and logo and owner Dan Snyder and coach Ron Rivera are working on a new name and logo design that will "inspire our sponsors, fans and community for the next 100 years."  - Read More

Washington’s NFL team is retiring the Redskins name; new name to come later

The team announced that it will change its name from the Redskins, which is considered by many to be a slur against Native Americans. - Read More