Redskins, Jets brawl at first joint practice
/ Redskins

By Kimberley A. Martin

RICHMOND — They could feel it coming — the playful words escalating, the tempers rising beneath the surface, the hot afternoon giving way to even hotter temperaments — and Washington Redskins were resigned to the inevitable outcome.

Long before torrential downpours blanketed the fields in sheets of water and lighting caused players to scurry for cover, the first of three joint practices with the New York Jets had already gotten out of hand. The expected chippyness between the teams gave way to multiple skirmishes, including a large brawl that spilled out in front of fans.

“Well, it wasn’t like nobody knew that was going to happen in the first place,” Redskins cornerback Josh Norman matter-of-factly said, making it clear he wasn’t a fan of the two-team sessions. “Having these joint practices, you expect that to happen.”

The afternoon initially featured quality competition in one-on-one drills, with fans cheering on the passionate, but measured, physicality and players playfully jawing at each other and tapping one another on the helmet for a job well done after the whistles blew. But it wasn’t long before dust-ups between a few mushroomed into brawls involving...

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