Redskins 2019 7-round mock draft: #1 The 'Living on the Edge' Scenario
/ Redskins

By By Ben Standig

Projecting a one-round NFL mock draft with accuracy in mind is lunacy. Doing so for seven rounds should mean an immediate elementary school-type timeout. Offering up three versions of a seven-round draft with undrafted free agents in tow for the Washington Redskins probably demands an intervention.

Before gathering folks together, take a moment to understand there’s a method to this mock draft madness.

Presented here is simply a look at three different scenarios for the Redskins, pick by pick. These choices are based on a combination of conversations with league sources, homework, intuition plus remaining needs.

While not an interactive article or the latest season of “Black Mirror,” consider this akin to a “Choose your adventure” book. While the Redskins have four of the top 97 selections, their list of needs is lengthy.

Want an edge rusher and safety in the first two rounds? Cool, but then here’s what you’re staring at with guards, wide receivers and corners from there. Think there’s no way they should pass on a long-term quarterback at 15? Fine as long as you realize the pool of sack masters, inside linebackers and tight ends drop off after round...

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