Ray Allen thinks LeBron James will have to ‘reinvent himself’ with the Lakers
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By Harrison Faigen

All of the concern over the Los Angeles Lakers having a lack of shooters around LeBron James is probably overstated due to recency bias. Basically, they have returning players that can shoot, but the players they signed over the summer are either bad or underrated shooters, and their newness has led to people reacting more to their abilities than looking at the whole roster. Still, there is no Ray Allen on this team.

Perhaps no one knows that better than Allen himself, who went on “The Dan Patrick Show” and said that James is going to have to make some changes to his game now that he has less shooting around him (h/t Slam):

Allen: “A lot is going to contend on those older players and how they ingratiate themselves to this new mix. Even LeBron has to reinvent himself—”

What kind of player do you think he’ll be?

Allen: “It’s difficult to say because you know how he’s been for us and what we’ve seen over years past. When I played with him, he had a lot around him that could do different things, so he didn’t always have to carry the...

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