Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti not thinking about life after Joe Flacco
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By Jamison HensleyESPN Staff Writer

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Joe Flacco just turned 33, dealt with injuries the past couple of years and statistically ranked among the worst quarterbacks since winning a Super Bowl.

The Baltimore Ravens are financially committed to Flacco for at least two more seasons, and coach John Harbaugh said at the end of the season that the team would discuss drafting a quarterback this year.

But owner Steve Bisciotti scoffed at the suggestion that the Ravens are nearing the end of the line with Flacco.

"I think that you can think about life after Joe, but most of the franchise quarterbacks ... I don't know of any franchise quarterbacks that are retiring at 33, 34, 35 anymore -- none of them," Bisciotti said. "Eli [Manning] and Ben [Roethlisberger] and our friend up in New England [Tom Brady], they're all staying [at] 35, 36, 37 -- Drew Brees. So no, that's not really something that we're worried about right now. We've got bigger fish to fry, I guess."

A look at Joe Flacco's numbers since winning the Super Bowl in 2012:

Based on Bisciotti's comments, this would rule out Baltimore taking a quarterback in the first round and likely the second. Bisciotti insinuated that Flacco will be their quarterback for the foreseeable future despite Flacco producing at what Bisciotti described as "sub-standard"...

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