Ravens have 3 obvious cuts to make when free agency begins
/ Ravens

By Matthew Stevens

The Baltimore Ravens are already thinking about the offseason, which is evident with how quickly they made coaching moves. And as the rest of the league starts to join Baltimore in the offseason, it’s time to start thinking about players that could be cut.

It’s never great thinking that your favorite player could be on the way out, but as is often repeated, “It’s just business.” While some big names like linebacker Terrell Suggs could go, other players who are far less stable will likely be cut first.

I looked over the roster and found a couple of names that will likely be early-cuts by the Ravens.

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Cap savings: $1.75 million

Webb has been a loyal soldier throughout his career and has had a pretty solid one at that. But with Baltimore able to regain $1.75 million by cutting him, his future becomes a little shaky.

Webb is no longer a starter, and while that alone doesn’t necessarily mean he’s on the way out, it’s not helping him. Add to it that Webb got reduced snaps over the course of the season, to the point that he played a grand total of 28 defensive snaps in the final four weeks combined. That’s only 9.2 percent of the defensive plays over that same time. By the end of the season, Webb was replaced by a combination of young players, including rookie Chuck...

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