Ravens fans need to give Ozzie Newsome more respect
/ Ravens

By Matthew Stevens

When Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told reporters general manager Ozzie Newsome would be stepping down from the role in 2019, fans got happy. Like outrageously happy. If you take a look on any social network platform, you’ll see fans celebrating Newsome’s self-demotion and talking about how he should have been fired a long time ago.

Now that Ozzie Newsome the dynasty killer is gone, you may have a chance. He traded away the stars after each Super Bowl win and six former Ravens are on the Eagles team right now.

— Annya Millini (@anyami61) February 5, 2018

Im so glad @Ravens got rid of Ozzie Newsome, I been said he needs to go 4years ago, he sucks at picking players

— yo_Fat_JASON (@ThaRealJsin) February 3, 2018

Tsk, tsk people. I’ve been the first to point out Newsome’s flaws openly, namely in finding a wide receiver that isn’t ready to cash Social Security checks. But it’s ridiculous to think Newsome was so awful that his departure from the general manager role should be celebrated like that.

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