Ravens' biggest free-agency loss risks
/ Ravens

By Matthew Stevens

The entire NFL is now immersed in the offseason following Super Bowl LII. All 32 teams have no further games on their schedule and instead, focus is now turning to free agency and the draft. While the Baltimore Ravens have been there a little bit longer than some, they have a number of free agents that could garner a lot of attention on the open market.

In this article, I’ll break down the biggest flight risks the Ravens have this offseason.

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Jensen is without a doubt, this year’s big name for Baltimore. Much like Rick Wagner last year, Jensen is going to get quite a bit of attention from other teams if he hits free agency. Of course, the Ravens would be smart to lock him up before that point as the price could get out of control but it might not be up to them.

With the running game making a comeback in the league, Jensen’s tenacity and attitude will be welcome by any team trying to get a good push up front. As we saw against the Miami Dolphins, he also has his quarterback’s back, which will only endear him...

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