Ranking Chicago Bears 2019 roster: 60-56
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By Parker Hurley

How would you rank the Chicago Bears 90-man roster?

With a long break in between the start of training camp, there will not be much movement in the Chicago Bears 90-man roster. This is a good time to look back at what the roster looks like, and who may be competing for roster spots, or starting spots.

This list will rank the Bears roster from 90-1 based on their 2019 value. It will only look into 2019 based on their talent, impact and potential to find a role on the team.

With that in mind, we continue this series with number 60.

BALTIMORE, MD – CIRCA 2011: . (Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

60. Patrick Scales

Last Year Ranking: 61

Last year we had Scales ranked 61st, so seeing him crack number 60 may not be a huge surprise as he keeps his job for yet another season. Scales has now been with the team for three more seasons and has a pretty good shot at making year number four this year.

In a previous post, we mentioned that he does have competition, and it is also worth noting that the Bears kicking issues started with the loss of Robbie Gould as well as the signing of Patrick...

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